TUBETRACK® offers systems in a choice of quality metals and finishes, all designed to exist in the industrial world of truck shipments, forklift handling, heavy construction, and daily exposure to years of vibration, weather, and process activity. TUBETRACK®straight length structural members share these gage and coating quality points with all of the connection and bend and clamping components in the system. Resulting, complete installations are consistent at all points in terms of strength, corrosion resistance, and overall appearance.
Aluminum systems are 1/8” thick (similar to 12 gage) in Angle and the larger (2” flange) Channels and approximately 13 gage in the lighter (1” flange) Channels.
Stainless steel systems are available in both Type-304 and Type-316. All Angles, Channels, and Yoke Clamps are made from 16 gage

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