Temperature Indicator

The measurement of temperature is a vital part of instrumentation in petrochemical industries. platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s) are often used as they are more instrictive and give a better response. Thermocouples are used in locations that need a more durable sensor. Thermocouples come in many types.

Pressure Measurement

We use a Pressure to Current converter (P/I converter) in the petrochemical industries to measure and show the amount of pressure developed by the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), crude oil, petrol, and various other petroleum byproducts. In the P/I converter, the indicated pressure can be a digital or an analog form. The main advantage is that it can be directly shown in the control panel in the control room. This is also the same for temperature measurement.


The measurement of petrol is conducted in an oil refinery when refined oil is measured before leaving the refinery. Because the refined oil is volatile, it is important to make it clear how much oil is transported at each measurement site along the pipeline. It is also true for natural gas. Therefore, the measurement of crude oil and natural gas plays an important role in oil industry. The competition in flowmeter market is extremely intense, and flowmeters generally consist of the vortext, Positive Displacement (PD), Differential Pressure (DP), Coriolis, and ultrasonic.

Level Meters

The petroleum, natural gas, and petrochemical industries place high requirements on level measurement. Besides instruments of traditional technologies like differential pressure level meters, there are also level meters of radar, magnetostrictive, and magnetic float, etc. applied extensively.


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